Use this 15-point checklist for a high-converting landing page:

  1. Nail your offer*
  2. Simplify the design
  3. Minimize distractions
  4. Enable autofill for ease
  5. Limit fields in signup forms
  6. Clearly communicate benefits
  7. Explain the value of subscribing
  8. Feature logos of famous customers
  9. Include testimonials from subscribers
  10. Tell people how often they’ll get emails
  11. Give them a “sneak peek” of your content
  12. Explain what happens after they subscribe
  13. Provide clear error messages and guidance
  14. Gather feedback from non-subscribers via exit survey
  15. Improve the page based on feedback from non-subscribers

* Your offer is, by far, the most important part of your landing page.

Here’s how to make your offer irresistible:

  • Solve a specific pain point
  • Use the exact words your audience uses
  • Promise a specific outcome (and back it up with testimonials)
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