Here’s a common mistake marketers and web designers make: they jump right into a list of things they want to change. This is a bad idea.

Instead, gather feedback about what’s working with your website (and what isn’t).

  • Survey website visitors
  • Look at heatmaps
  • Email survey your customers
  • Run usability tests
  • Look at analytics

Then, review the research, generate a list of ideas, and prioritize them on a scale of 1–5:

  • How likely is this idea going to win? Does it directly address an issue you discovered in the research? (1 = low probability; 5 = high)
  • How easy is it to implement? Changing text is easy; changing your business model is hard. (1 = hard; 5 = easy)

Now multiply those two numbers together and, voila, you’ve got a list of prioritized ideas.

Pro tip: split test these changes to ensure they’re helping conversions (not hurting them).

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