Email marketing tip:

Map out your drip sequence BEFORE you write a word.

Here’s how (steal my template):

  • Create a spreadsheet. 
  • In the first column, add the email topic.
  • In the second column, add the subject line.
  • In the third column, mark if it’s a pitch email.
  • In the fourth column, add when you’ll send the email.

Here’s an example:

Why does this strategy work? 

↪ Because it:

  • Gives you a high-level view of your content (before you write it)
  • Ensures that each topic flows naturally into the next one
  • Reminds you to pitch your products (but not too often)

I’ve used this strategy to map out profitable campaigns for companies that do +$100 million in annual revenue.

So it’ll work for you, too. 🙂


Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a template spreadsheet that did all this for you? 

Well, there is. And it’s yours, free:

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