… based on decades of experience:

First, conduct the following research:

  1. Website surveys:
    • Use Hotjar surveys on your website to ask why visitors didn’t make a purchase.
    • Use for open-text fields to gather genuine feedback on challenges and concerns.
  2. Heatmaps:
    • Use Hotjar heatmaps to understand what elements users engage with.
    • Test making clicked elements more prominent and remove elements that aren’t getting clicks.
  3. Email surveys:
    • Send surveys to subscribers, customers, or trial users to understand what convinced them to buy.
    • Incentivize responses with rewards and use open-ended questions for valuable feedback.
  4. Usability tests:
    • Use services like usertesting.com or ask friends to go through your website, speaking their thoughts out loud.
    • Leverage unexpected insights from users’ spontaneous reactions to improve your site.
  5. Analytics:
    • Explore analytics to identify top-performing pages, revenue generators, and drop-off points.
    • Focus on pages driving revenue and optimize those where users tend to exit.

Then, use the research to generate and prioritize ideas:

  1. Generate Ideas:
    • Put ALL research notes into tools like Notion or Google Docs.
    • Create a list of ideas based on feedback, such as testing headlines or emphasizing key features.
  2. Prioritize Ideas:
    • Put ideas into a spreadsheet and score based on probability to win and ease of implementation.
    • Multiply the probability to win by ease of implementation for a clear roadmap of high-impact ideas.

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