Is your homepage confusing?

Here’s how to make it crystal clear: 👇 

In this interview, Anthony Pierri explains how you can sharpen your positioning and messaging so your product is instantly clear to your best-fit customers.

Your homepage should answer: 

  • Who is the product?
  • Who would use it?
  • When would they use it?
  • Why would they use it?
  • How would they use it?

Choose your ICP (ideal customer profile):

  • Focus on ONE ideal customer. (Not 10.)
  • Position yourself for THEM. 
  • Say who your NOT for.
  • Key lesson: You attract to the degree you repel.

Use the right layout:

  • Headline
  • Subhead
  • Text or bullets on the left
  • Image on the right
  • Clear call-to-action
  • Add social proof

Put ALL of this above the fold.

You only have 5 seconds to make an impression.

Make it clear.

More about Anthony:

Anthony Pierri is co-founder & partner at FletchPMM, a product marketing consultancy that helps early stage B2B startups sharpen their positioning, better articulate their value propositions, and then translate those outputs into a re-written homepage. 

Since Fletch started, Anthony and his partner Rob Kaminski have worked with over 110 venture-backed startups. 

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