Most marketers suck at email marketing.

Here’s how you can make money from your email list in 5 steps:

STEP 1: Choose your approach

↪ Broadcast or sequence?

  • Broadcasts: a broadcast is a one-off email to your list. 
  • Sequences: a sequence is a multi-part series that is drip-fed over time.

A broadcast is great for traditional newsletters. Each week you email your newsletter to your audience all at once. It’s simple, but you’re on the hook to always create new content.

A sequence, on the other hand, is a series of emails drip-fed to subscribers over time. They’re great for online courses because they ensure your subscribers get the same content, in the same order, no matter when they subscribed. Plus, you can write the email series all at once. 

Both approaches work. But I prefer sequences because you can write them ahead of time.

STEP 2: Choose your monetization

↪ How will you make money?

There are three main ways to monetize your email list:

→ Affiliate links:

Recommend relevant products and earn commissions. 

It’s straightforward, but the payouts are low and you’re tethered to someone else’s business. Watch out for changing terms and conditions. 

→ Sponsored emails:

Add a sponsored message in your emails and get paid.

These can be lucrative, but you need a substantial following (we’re talking 10,000+ subscribers) to attract sponsors. 

Sponsorships can be time-consuming and you’re not guaranteed to sell all your slots.

→ Sell your own products and services:

My personal favorite! Solve your readers’ pain points and get paid. You retain control, and the profit margins (especially with digital goods) are so, so sweet.

STEP 3: Pitch your services

↪ Where, and how, will you sell?

Here are two approaches:

→  Footer section:

Include a value-packed footer in every email, where you subtly showcase your offerings. Make it simple. Link your products and services for easy access. You can also slip in sponsorship links here.

Here’s a nice example from Taylin John Simmonds:

→  Dedicated emails: 

Sprinkle two or three emails within your series with soft sales pitches. Remember, every email should provide value, not just a sales pitch. Keep it real and don’t overwhelm your audience.

STEP 4: Set up your publishing schedule

↪ How often will you email? 

For traditional newsletters (broadcasts), start with one email per week. 

For sequences, you can email more frequently over a shorter period. For instance, a 10-day course sent M–F for 2 weeks.


Now you know:

  • WHICH type of emails to send (broadcast vs sequences);
  • HOW you’ll monetize those emails (affiliate/sponsor/products); and
  • WHERE you will pitch your products and services (footer or standalone emails).
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