In this interview, Audrey Chia—founder of the AI copywriting consultancy “Close With Copy”—shows us how to use AI to write high-converting copy.

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Q. How do you use AI for copywriting, specifically to improve conversion rates?

A. Use these 3 steps:

  1. Analyse: You can get ChatGPT4 to analyse & critique the work
  2. Ideate: You can get ChatGPT to provide you ideas for your entire user journey
  3. Craft: You can get ChatGPT to generate x headlines for testing

Q. How do you get AI to write copy that sounds like a human, not a robot? … and aligns with a brand’s voice?

A. Get AI to write in the tone of “XYZ”, then provide it with 3 – 5 examples.

Sometimes, it’ll forget and go off-tangent, so you need to remind it to review its tone of voice again.

Q. What are three key strategies (that someone can start using today) to grow their business with AI-generated copy?

A. Give yourself & your team time to experiment

Focus on a few key tools and get great at them.

Always integrate human strategy with AI execution

Q. What are your favorite AI tools for writing copy? Are certain tools better for certain things?

A. AI copy tools are built on prompts. If you master the prompts, you can build anything you want.

That’s what I realised when I launched my company. I tested 12 different AI tools but the results were often flat, off-brand and generic.

So I had to build my own multi-step processes to teach ChatGPT how to think like me & craft copy with my own workflows.

Q. What should someone new to AI do in the next 24 hours to help their business?

A. Don’t use AI for the sake of it.

Identify the pain points you’re facing, then find the right tools & prompts to solve it.

Two examples:

  • If I run a web design agency and I’m always struggling to find freelance writers, I will focus on prompting with ChatGPT (or finding someone who can help me build frameworks)
  • If I’m an account manager for a SAAS tool, I’ll look for AI tools that are going to help me in my sales or CRM processes.

For example, Sybill transcribes meeting notes & tracks your prospects’ pains, desires, interests and attention.

More about Audrey Chia:

Audrey is the founder of Close With Copy, a hybrid human X AI copywriting consultancy that specializes in helping brands develop quality content at scale. You can also follow her on LinkedIn.

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